Monday, February 15, 2010

Donate now!

Hello Everyone!!
This is Zora, just so you know...
How is your president's week going?? Mine is great!! Anyway, here are a few donations that would be great to donate to if you have any spare money. I know what you're thinking, probably: "Why would i donate spare money when i can play pinball at the pizza place?" Well sometimes I have a hard time with that, too.... BUT I can do both. And you can too. Donate some money - earn it, by selling toys or something. And then you can save maybe 5 bucks or so and go to the pizza place!! Anyway, here are some ideas on how to earn money. Firstly, collect all of those boring toys you have in your room. I know they are hard to get rid of - this is an every day problem for me, or rather the days when I have to clean my room - the dreaded day. Put them in your wagon, and take them around town. Remember to reasonably price them - these are used toys. (You can also make hand made bracelets, earrings, etc. and sell them).

One way to make sure people buy them is to tell them a little about the organization you are going to donate too: talk about the good things about it, and what this money is going to. (See good organizations at bottom).
*Set a goal for how much money you want to earn - make a reasonable amount.
Also, this doesn't have to be an "I'm gonna earn a bunch of money in one day" kind of goal, it can be long term. Anything makes a difference!!

Good places to donate to:
Finca (donating to Haiti right now) Buy an acre of rain forest, in order to protect it, Doctors without Borders, YES, (based in Santa Cruz), and more! You can look up wonderful organizations to donate too on a website called Credo.
Another good website is It shows girls having a hard time. It would be worthwhile seeing!! (You can donate to this website)
Good luck!