Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hi Everyone!!!
I actually should have written this along with my ball tag post, but... What can you do?
This post is going to be all about games, judging by the name of this post. The following is many games recommended by more than me - by my friends and family, also. They all either cost nothing, or a small amount - after all, this is supposed to be a blog that has easy yet fun things to do!
First of all, Parcheesi. I hate to say it, and who knows what will happen to me now since this is a town of huge gossipers, but... I play Parcheesi against myself when my parents are tired of playing it endlessly with me. Then, they sit, laugh, and watch me play it against myself, surprised that I have a fave team, but I don't let it get away with things. Anyway, it's an awesome game for 4 players, where you try to get your 4 men around the board and into home safely, without being knocked out back to the starting place, or the drawing board, where you can sit and watch your now bitter enemy move 20 spaces - a reward for knocking you out. Even though it sounds tiring and annoying, you might end up being one of those weirdos like me and my friends, who can't get enough of it.
Detectives is a very good game that is fun to play with lots of people. There are two versions of it, actually, listed below.
4 players are probably actually the best amount for this game, if not more... However, you can use 2 or 3 players. Anyway, for this version, divide into 2 teams - detectives, and criminals. Criminals make up a crime - they murdered people and the detectives have to find the bodies, they stole a jewel and the detectives have to find it, etc. Now that the detectives know the crime, the criminals send them somewhere they won't be able to see what they are doing.
The criminals write a series of clues - Giving them the detectives the first one to give them a start. "I have to go to the bathroom" leading to the toilet, where on the toilet there would be another clue, and "I want an apple" leading to the apple bowl would both be very good clues. At the very end, you could hide a "dead" doll, or a "expensive" necklace. The clues will eventually lead to this.
Another version is where you actually have the victims, and you hide them and the clues lead to them. You can put ketchup onto them for blood, or duct tape their mouths - if that's okay with them, of course.
Anyway, Gotta go!! My mom has to get on the computer.