Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello! This is Zora speaking.
Lately I have been concerned about animals - looking at my new puppy that used to be abused, along with her siblings. I have to face it - I am not one of those people who love their animals more than their parents, and though I have always had a connection with animals, I never had to deal with an abused one 24-7 - she sleeps in my room, also, and drools and shivers when she comes across a man.
Have you heard about ARF, otherwise known as Animal Rescue Friends? It's that dog - cat adoption place up here. It's on the street the town hall is on... It's a place where neglected animals go to, and they are fostered, and later on hopefully adopted. I myself just got my first puppy from ARF. It's an amazing place - however, it needs lots of support. If you aren't ready to adopt a puppy or a kitten, they are open on the weekends, just ready for attention, a treat, or a walk. Anything helps them, especially since they need to get adjusted to people. You could even foster a dog or a cat during the week! It's a really cool place. Occasionally there's an abused pitbull, but you can stay away from them, and most of the time they're really sweet, just neglected.
You also get to find out the stories of the animals - understand them more, which I find very interesting. Sometimes they've been abused, or found wandering around. However, sometimes the animals were really loved but, do to the economy, their owners had to let them go. It is really sad, and of course it's very hard for the furry creatures. Anyway, lend a hand at Arf. They always need support. Or, you could make a small donation.! Zora