Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ball Tag

Hello -
This is Zora, and I wanted to talk about ball tag. Do you like tag? Well, this is even more fun to me, to my family, and to my brother's friends. First of all, you should have a large yard to play in, since this requires lots of running, and you do not want to be cornered, which can easily happen in a small yard. I would recommend having lots of hiding spots, that are not obvious at all, but where if you were to get found you could easily run away. Here are the steps to get ready for playing ball tag.
1) Get a soft ball that wouldn't hurt if you happened to get hit by it.
2) Get someone to be it, rock paper scissors, or by saying not it.
3) Count to 10 and let everyone run away if you are it.
4) Now run after the people. If you hit them with the ball, that means they are it. You can either throw it or press the ball against them.
tip: If you catch the ball, you aren't it - you can throw it far away from you, too, so that it will take the "it" person a long time to get it back.
This is a really fun game. Hope you play it and enjoy it!

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